Retained Recruitment

If you have an especially challenging role to fill or you’re struggling to pinpoint the top talent in your sector, retained recruitment is something you need to look into. Retained, or “head-hunting” based, recruitment allows for a precise, targeted search. We’ll assign you to a specialist consultant who will work exclusively on your role, offering flexible terms, agreed timescales and first refusal on top candidates.


How your business would benefit from retained recruitment:

One of point of contact.

We assign a dedicated specialist consultant to focus on your critical vacancy.

Targeted Candidate Search.

We only present candidates that we consider the ‘perfect fit’ for your business.


You will have exclusive access to top talent in your sector.

Flexible Terms of Business.

We offer bespoke contracts to reflect your business needs, budget and timescales.

 Do you have a critical vacancy? Please get in touch to discuss the benefits of retained recruitment.


18 Rec have 100% retention on Retained Recruitment.