Permanent Recruitment

Permanent recruitment can be a time consuming and costly challenge to many businesses. Outsourcing your permanent recruitment to 18 Rec will
give you access to the best candidates in the market whilst we represent your company brand. Our ‘recruit once’ programme focuses on improved retention, diversity and reduced costs.

How your business would benefit from permanent recruitment;

Access to passive candidates

Don’t make do with active candidates.18 Rec can give your business access to passive candidates with the desired skills and credentials.

Employer Branding

18 Rec will gain an understanding of your business values and culture and represent your brand professionally in the market.

Market Knowledge

18 Rec can keep you updated on market knowledge such as salary expectations, redundancies and projects wins.

Save time

18 Rec will streamline your recruitment process, presenting you with vetted candidates that fit the criteria of your vacancy. We will coordinate the entire process, giving you the time to do what you do best – your job.

If you think your business could benefit from permanent recruitment, please get in touch


46% of our permanent candidates do not have their CVs on job boards.