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5 Simple Steps to Choosing the Right Recruitment Agency (& why there is a good chance that’s us!)

About over 3 years ago By Farrah Mills

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5 Simple Steps to Choosing the Right Recruitment Agency (& why there is a good chance that’s us!)

-      Field – Choosing a specialist agency in the field you are recruiting for could save you money, time and effort. You will not only benefit from the recruiters’ knowledge in the sector, but also the knowledge they have in that particular hiring market! At 18 Rec, we are specialists in the Construction and Events Mobilisation industry.. so please don’t ask us to find you a Teacher, you will be waiting a long time!

-      Recruitment Strategies – Before making your decision on what agency to use, you need to know what their hiring/recruitment strategies are. ere Here at 18 Rec, we listen to your wants and needs and create a bespoke plan that suits your business when it comes to recruitment.

-      Reputation Matters – Like any company or business, reputation in the recruitment industry is vital. It doesn’t matter what our hiring strategy is, or how big we are.. it matters what people are saying about us! An agency with few long-standing, loyal clients will be more successful than an agency that has lots of different clients that have used them once. At 18 Rec, one of our biggest, most loyal clients have stuck with our Director for 8 years.

-      Customer Service – As a client of a recruitment agency, you should receive an impeccable standard of customer service. You should feel like you can pick the phone up and ask any question, you shouldn’t feel abandoned or confused at any point of the hiring process. At 18 Rec, we try our absolute hardest to ensure a smooth and easy process with the best customer service being one of our main priorities.

-      Candidate pools – Lets face it, the most important part of a recruitment agency is its candidate pool. What candidates are your recruitment agency in contact with? How suitable are those candidates to your business? Ask about success rate, ask about candidate screening, ask where recruiters do their recruitment. At 18 Rec, we have a database full of amazing candidates and ensure these candidates are right for YOU before they are sent. With over 8 years of networking and contacts, we are pretty sure we will be the right fit for your Construction recruitment needs.